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There are a number of reasons why Christmas is the best time of the year. Apart from the obvious factors such as time off work, the sumptuous food and drink and the giving and receiving of presents, for many Christmas represents the only time the whole family is together and having fun without the burden of work or other commitments.

adapting home for elderly

Some of us are lucky enough to go away at Christmas and let hotel staff wait on our every need and provide all the facilities needed for family members young and old. However, for the rest it may well mean certain changes being made to the home in order to accommodate for our beloved grandparents or perhaps individuals who are less able for whatever reason.

The team here at Bathing Solutions has therefore put the following guide together, offering all the tips and pointers you need for adapting your home for elderly or disabled members of the family this festive season….

This can be a daunting prospect for any family, particularly young ones who have never had to facilitate for such changes but thankfully this has become easier and easier in recent years. Like many things, advancements in technology, manufacturing and equipment has meant that the installation of such devices as shower seats, mobility aids and grab rails has become ever so easy and crucially, more affordable.

Easy Installation…

Historically, catering for such changes may have meant expensive alterations to the property and building work, but ensuring that areas of the home such as bathrooms are suitable for the elderly or disabled has become much easier to do. These changes can obviously make the world of difference for certain members of the family and ensure that they can enjoy the festive period with a fantastic piece of mind and therefore allow you to get on with the more important things this Christmas; such as spending time with your loved ones.

As anyone with elderly or disabled relatives will tell you, making such alterations to the home can be a godsend for those involved. Shower seats, bath lifts and even flood detectors can make the process of bathing easier for those with reduced mobility. Indeed, a hot bath can often be the perfect remedy for the elderly, due to the relief it can offer from debilitating conditions such as arthritis – and let’s be honest, we all feel so much better after a long soak! Bathing and mobility aids therefore offer a multitude of benefits especially during the chilly Christmas and winter months.

More Affordable Options…

If the time has come for you to make such changes and adapt your home for the whole family this Christmas then the message is very much not to panic. As mentioned, these adaptations do not mean wholesale changes to the structure of your home and in many cases are extremely affordable and can be implemented in a matter of hours by reputable skilled tradesmen or even by a member of the household who is good at DIY. Mobility aids, shower seats and grab rails can even make bathrooms for the disabled look stylish due to innovative and modern designs.

Aside from the more obvious enhancements you can make to your home such as grab rails and mobility aids, there are other more advanced ways you can make things even easier for the less mobile members of your household.

One could be to install ramps wherever possible, so that less mobile members of your family do not have to struggle with steep and sometimes daunting steps. This can be a quite a simple fix depending on the nature of your home and could make all the difference at Christmas time.

Simple ideas without cost…

One of the most useful and low cost things you can do to help anybody with walking difficulties or that uses a mobility aid such a stick, a frame or even a wheelchair, is to keep any walkways clear! Repositioning tables or chairs to give them a bit more room, or making sure that there are no children’s toys to trip over is one of the simplest things you can do to avoid trips and falls.

Classic Solutions…

Another, but larger investment is the stair lift. These devices have now been around for decades and can make all the difference and are also now far more affordable and effective than they used to be. You may well be surprised at how easy it can be to get a high quality stair lift installed at your home and your elderly or disabled relatives will no doubt be eternally grateful at how much easier this can make things for them. A stair lift may be more suitable if a family member was staying for a longer period of time due to the installation work involved, but failing that make sure you have a safe and sturdy hand rail, or even a hard rail on either side of your staircase.

A final touch to all of these great alterations you can make to your home this Christmas could be to invest in some alert devices. If you are not used to having elderly members of the family staying at your home, then these could be a great way to ensure that they stay safe. With Christmas usually meaning lots of music, TV and noisy toys if there are little ones around, then there is a good chance you may not be able to hear any elderly individuals should they need assistance, and vice versa.

Make The Change with Bathing Solutions…

So, if you are having relatives stay with you over Christmas, why not get in touch with the Bathing Solutions team as we are always available to offer professional advice. It is absolutely not too late for you to get your home made safer for elderly or disabled members of your family, though more long term home improvements such as walk-in showers and wet rooms you may want to consider in the new year.

You can take a look around our site to see some of the fantastic solutions we have available or explore the rest of our blog to read more resources just like this one.

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