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As the warmer weather starts to slowly appear, it’s a good time to start thinking about some group activities to get involved in. Getting involved in group activities gives you the perfect chance to meet people outside your normal social circles, and being outdoors in nature can really help lift your mood – especially after a long, cold winter!

group of old and healthy people walking in the nature

If you’re looking activities to do this spring that are more than just an easy spring walk, why not take a look at these fun group activities?

Exercise classes

Spring presents the perfect opportunity to get outside and exercise amongst nature. There are so many health benefits to being outside in nature, and exercising outdoors only amplifies this.

One of the best outdoor exercise classes for older people is yoga. This is a low impact exercise that focuses on building core strength, as well as helping with balance and flexibility. Participating in an outdoor yoga class can also help boost the benefits that yoga imparts.

Tai chi is another great group activity to get involved with, and you can easily practice tai chi outdoors. Not only is tai chi a great strength and balance exercise, but it also really helps with mindfulness and mental health.

The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain can help you find a qualified tai chi instructor near you, at a difficulty level that you are comfortable with.

Fun runs

Fun runs are a great way to exercise in a group, especially as you will usually be working with other people to raise money for a charity. The training will bring your group together, and the dressing up is just an added bonus!

If dressing up isn’t your thing, why not try a colour run? Colour runs are runs where you get covered head-to-toe in powder paint. Often, these events promote running for first-time runners. So if you’ve never run before, this can be a good, fun way to start!

If you’re looking to join a fun run in your local area, trying to find a local charity to run for is a good jumping off point. National charities will have lots of people fundraising for them, but local charities are often crying out for funds too. Think about charities in your local area and ask if they do any fundraising events.

Walking groups

If you’re looking for something that requires a little less dressing up, why not try a walking group? Walking as a group is a great way to get to meet new people, whilst also exercising and being outdoors in nature.

Alternatively, if you feel like learning something new, why not get a group together and do an audio tour around your city, or a local museum?

Both Walking for Health and Ramblers.org can help you find a local walking group in your area.

Group tournaments

If you’re looking for something with more of a competitive element to it, why not try your hand at a group tournament?

Netball is a low contact, but high energy sport that routinely has tournaments for older people all across the country. This can be a great way to bond with other people outside your usual social circles, as you work together to beat your opponents.

If you don’t feel like being so active, you can always participate in a less energetic tournament. For example, bridge tournaments operate across the country, and many will take players of any skill level. So there’s really no reason not to get involved. The English Bridge Union routinely has tournaments, and they operate across the country, so this is a good starting point to find a tournament near you.

There are so many different group activities to get involved with, especially now that spring is almost upon us! Did we miss any good group activities that you love? Let us know over on Twitter!