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In the past, bathrooms were simply a necessity; a functional room that homeowners didn’t really pay too much attention to. However, these days it has transformed into a place of relaxation. More attention than ever before is being placed upon creating that relaxing spa experience at home.

While it’s easy to find a standard relaxing bathroom range, if you’re disabled you need products that are specifically designed with your needs in mind. This can be quite expensive, which is why Bathing Solutions have created an affordable, luxury range of bathroom necessities.

How important is a relaxing bathing experience?

Not only is the bath a great place to relax, but it can also fight off several physical and mental ailments. While a shower is perfect for the morning and times when you need to quickly freshen up, it’s still important to have access to a high quality bath. That’s where Bathing Solutions can help.

Petite walk-in bath

The walk-in bath is just one product that all disabled bathrooms should have. This clever design helps to prevent the risk of slipping and it also eliminates an uncomfortable struggle to get into the bath. They help to promote independence as nobody will need to help you into the bath anymore. It can be really humiliating getting somebody to help you climb in.

The walk-in bath is an excellent solution and there are many different models available.

You could opt for a power bath which comes complete with a contoured chair. The chair lifts you safely over the bath and down into the water. The taps on the bath are controlled thermostatically and you can choose to have them fitted with a shower canopy too. Bathing Solutions will talk through your needs to come up with a design that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

For the ultimate spa experience, opt for the Hydrovescence Spa feature. This can be attached to any walk in bath you choose and it creates warm relaxing bubbles. It’s known to help with conditions such as arthritis, stress, high blood pressure, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatism and muscle cramps.

Bathing Solutions for smaller bathrooms

If you don’t have the room for a walk in bath don’t worry. Bathing Solutions has a range of walk in showers and wet rooms which may be more suitable. Wet rooms are a particularly modern feature that can be perfect for wheelchair users. They are designed with slip resistant flooring and they come in a wide range of finishes. You can choose from a range of stunning colours and create the perfect wet room to suit your preferences.

Princess walk-in shower

The one thing you don’t always get when you’re searching for disabled bathroom furniture is a lot of choice. The fact that you can customise the furniture in this range to suit your own preferences is a major advantage.

Bathroom Solutions is one of the leading companies offering disabled bathroom products. You can receive a free quote and talk through your needs before you decide whether or not to buy from the company. Make uncomfortable bathing a thing of the past and take a look at the full Bathing Solutions range today.